Why you should NOT get the NASM CPT || Certification

Your BEST NASM CPT Alternative – Instead of teaching you how to PASS NASM CPT Personal training exam (certification), …


23 thoughts on “Why you should NOT get the NASM CPT || Certification

  1. You could say the same for just about any branch of knowledge. I could read college text books back to back to learn… anything. But how does that knowledge mean anything if it’s not backed by something reputable? You need some kind of credentials whether it’s experience or knowledge or both in order to get a job or build a reputation for yourself as a private entrepreneur.

  2. I was thinking about the same. Just to read any of their books (NASM, NCSA or NCSF). However, if I do that, how can I get experience since most of the big boxes require certification?
    Also, If I just read the book, do I have to get any type of coverage (insurance)? What type?

    Thanks man…

  3. It’s not the paper, homie, it’s the knowledge attained. I’ve been a trainer for 30 years, 22k sessions. Nobody even knows what is studied, it’s personal information. Ohhhhhhh, buy your stuff, I get it! NASM gets you in the door, the rest is up to you.

  4. I am contemplating personal training, but my background is in business development. Lead generation is the name of the game. If you can't master marketing, you're doomed to being an employee forever. I like your content and your mind set. Just subscribed. I'm not at all interested in big box gyms, so want to find a way to become independent sooner versus later. Thanks!!

  5. I mean, college degrees are pieces of paper. Money is paper. Your social security card is a piece of paper. The truth is that the value of these things is what society says it is.

    I know its not a golden ticket, but hardly anything is. There's no reason why anyone can't obtain a NASM cert and still better themselves in other aspects of personal training and communication at the same time.

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