Sartorius Muscle Exercise : Fitness Exercises

8 thoughts on “Sartorius Muscle Exercise : Fitness Exercises

  1. The best way to work those smaller (cross section-wise) muscles should be with a variety of full rom single leg variations. I think the research/evidence is mixed regarding sartorius and also vastus medialis, but in theory there is no reason to think you can't find exercises that somewhat target them. For example, my vmo gets quite sore from heavy pistols. I suspect it has to do with both the stabilizing function/fiber angle (from being single leg) and also connection to the adductor magus tendon (as pistols allow for full hip and knee flexion).

  2. Good exercise but NOT necessarily very good SARTORIUS EXERCISE.
    When standing, bring one foot up in front of you to check the bottom of your shoe for gum…THAT'S THE MOVEMENT.
    Knee comes up bent in front and leg is then externally rotated as knee goes somewhat out to the side and foot is raised to allow you to see the bottom of shoe…just think, check bottom of shoe for gum…THAT IS THE SARTORIUS.

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