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The 8 Week Body Challenge by Celebrity Trainer and Nutritionist Mark Macdonald


You may recognize me from my various television appearances including The Dr. OZ Show, CNN, Chelsea Lately, and HLN.

For the last 15 years I’ve been on a mission to inspire, motivate, and empower people to change their lives and believe in themselves.

Home – Surf Training Success


The First Complete Surf Training Program That Will Have You Surfing At Your True Potential… Better, Stronger, Longer, and Pain Free Forever By Training Like The Pros

I purchased the Surf Training Success program this weekend and am already seeing the benefits. I did the mobility drills before a surf session and was amazed at how relaxed and loose my back felt not only during the session but for the rest of the day. Normally after a surf my back is extremely tight and achy but not any more. This is awesome and I am defini …

Fitness Packages – 20 Minute Body


No more worrying about finding time to go to the gym or even finding 30 minutes in your hectic day. With his approach, you’ll sweat, you’ll get excited, and you’ll be amazed at the results you’ll see with just 20 minutes a day. That’s the same time it takes to read one chapter of your favorite book.

20 Minute Body is more than just workouts, but mind over body and finding your fitness from within. Learn more about all the workouts included in the 20 Minute Body.

Get AthletiFIT Sales Page — Get Athletic


Discover this cutting edge 3 days a week fitness regimen that will bring out your inner athlete and skyrocket your fitness to new heights

In this day and age, there are many options one can choose to become fit. The amount of fitness information, products, and programs available that people have access to is astronomical. Fitness enthusiasts throughout the world study it, soak in their area of interest, and set out on their journey to get in shape, acquire a stronger, leaner body, and feel better about themselves.

K-Fit 6 Challenge – Re-Shape your body. Upgrade your run.


This has been an amazing experience! I am down six pounds but most importantly I am stronger and running faster, plus much nutrition is 1000x better! Thanks to Kendrick and Angela. And thanks to this amazing group for all the support!" -Toni, NY ( Weight lost: 6 lbs Fat loss: 5% Inches lost between waist, hip and thighs: 5.5 inches (Total inches lost from body: 7 inches)

"Here’s me and Coach Kendrick at the finish line at the NYC Marathon this year (2015). I participated in the first K-Fit 6 Challenge last year to get me in better shape. I was able to lose 14 lbs and 6.5 inches during the 6 weeks and have seen major improvement in my running. Coach Kendrick is an awesome coach and the Facebook group is so supportive. Can’t tell you the number of days I felt like not doing my workouts…until I saw people on the page posting their daily goals accomplished. Got me moving right away." -Christy.

Fitness Distilled – Your final stop for trustworthy training and nutrition information.


"Sean cuts through the complication and fluff of the fitness industry and gets down to what really works—straightforward yet comprehensive training programs, and effective yet flexible diet programs." -Nate Miyaki Nutrition coach and author

"Sean has learned from all the masters. He’s trained under or with the top trainers in the world." -Jason Ferruggia Fitness expert, life coach, and author

First Alarm- Firefighter Workouts – Firefighter Fitness – TACFIT Fire Fighter


Start preparing with the first specific and comprehensive fitness program for firefighters, by firefighters.

Created by Fire Captains Christian Carson and Ryan Provencher, First Alarm was designed to fill the void for specific and comprehensive firefighter fitness programming that existed in the fire service. Through our intimate knowledge of firefighting, our experience as fitness coaches, and years of training and testing our program, we have brought you the first and only specific and comprehensive firefighter fitness program designed by firefighters, for firefighters.

Effective Rotator Cuff Exercises


If you are interested in helping your client’s overcome their rotator cuff injury with fast, simple, and effective exercises that most fitness & health professionals don’t know about, then read this important letter.

My name is Rick Kaselj. I’m an exercise and injuries expert and international fitness presenter. I have written numerous articles that have appear in fitness association magazines, authored leading exercise and injury manuals and taught over 303 presentations to 6027 fitness professionals across Canada and the USA.

Bodybuilding Progam How To Build Muscle – Beginner to Advanced.


This is the best $$ I have ever spent while in pursuit of knwoledge of health and fitness, and doing so has saved me thousands of $$ in useless supplements, books, etc. I have constantly improved by reading, posting, and researching information here. When I have a question, hit a plateau, people are always quick to help and respond with their own experiences and what has worked for them. The best part of it is, the information is real. I was tired of going to website after website looking for information and having to weed through what was bogus and what had an element of truth. No marketing hype to deal with here. Just straightforward honest and real information in a well managed forum full of talented people. I look forward to being here for years to come. Cory

As a researcher in the Health and Nutrition Industry at a major university I often get discouraged at the many worthless supplements and information on the market. I bought BBR and joined Will Brinks forum and was extremely impressed with the information they provided. You really do get the inside look at what is a good product on the market. Unlike most online forums they still continue to surprise me with the in depth information, quick responses, and wealth of users on the forum. Not to mention you get 24/7 access to Will Brink himself! Without a doubt this was the best purchase online for me, and I look forward to what they will come up with in the future. Great job!

Ultimate Abs Sales ClickBank Page-$39 – Fun and Fit: Active Aging Answers for Boom Chicka Boomers


If all goes well, you will age. HOW you grow older is largely under your control and a result of choices you make. Don’t watch your waist expand and your world shrink with each passing year.

Hi! I’m Kymberly. My twin sister, Alexandra and I each offer more than 3 decades’ experience on land, sea, and airwaves as internationally respected, certified fitness professionals. Like you, we are baby boomers who know that added years often means added weight, more aches and pains, and reduced strength.