Leg Day with Julian “The Quad Guy” Smith

Want a balanced leg workout that gives your quads and hamstrings everything they need to grow? Look no further than Julian Smith’s balanced and tactical …


30 thoughts on “Leg Day with Julian “The Quad Guy” Smith

  1. Tom platz did similar type of movements. They must have crazy stretchy tendons. Shouldn't be teaching these movements to normal lifters..shit gonna snap lol.

  2. Wow, Julian is a PRO!

    But instead of the Quad Guy, he might wish to call himself the Triceps Guy, because… damn!

    Never seen bigger triceps in my life. Not even on Arnold.

  3. My physical therapist and doctor said sissy squats and seated leg extensions shred the knee. He doesn’t look like a doctor or PT. I will stick to hack squats, Split squats, and front squat to hit my quads. thanks

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