Kali Muscle mass: Why I Started out Working-Out

Kali Muscle: Why I Started Working-Out

Kali Muscle mass talking about his journey of receiving swole, and hurdles obtaining there this kind of as receiving migraines for in excess of 16 years.

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20 thoughts on “Kali Muscle mass: Why I Started out Working-Out

  1. He is right here! I have the same headache always when workout hard. Even sometimes, I feel I can die. But, I do workout. I live by rule now: Better to try and die rather than scare, never try and always cry!!!

  2. Kali Muscle you are an inspiration to us all. Don't listen to the negative dick head fuckin spineless haters. Just keep doing what you do man it's all good.

  3. Just started out for the same reasons. I got tired of being unhealthy and weak. This video is pretty inspiring to be honest. Thanks man.

  4. Hey Cali….do you know what caused your migraines and did they just stop on their own?… your channel is the shit

  5. Man he so inspiring I'm 12 years old thinking about losing weight and getting buffer I'm corently 160lbs and 5,3

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