How to get rid of man boobs – 10 Tips – Best chest exercises – Not Gynecomastia

I often get asked how I got ride of my man boobs… Also I get asked If I had Gynecomastia. This is a condition that results in male breast enlargements due to …


34 thoughts on “How to get rid of man boobs – 10 Tips – Best chest exercises – Not Gynecomastia

  1. My friends and family use to always pick on me. They called me "big tittie boy" for years. The reason I share this is to encourage others to not give up. It can be altered. Now women say my chest is my best feature. Lose body fat and work on your chest. From all the chest exercises dips will help you out the most since it works out the lower part of your chest. The more you work out the bottom, the less drooping your "man boobs" will be. So continue all chest exercises, but concentrate mostly on dips. Decline dumbell press is another good one! If you feel insecure about your "titties" just take an oversized hoodie to the gym. That way you can comfortably workout without being insecure. If you can't do a dip, use a dip machine. Most gyms should have dip machines. A lot easier than doing them in midair. Any questions add send me a message on Instagram. I have a soft spot for this topic and know how insecure it makes you feel. So I think it's my turn to help others. Tizzlewizzle7

  2. todays my bday and even though I dont have full on manboobs I do feel an A cup coming on after that last Thanksgiving plate- and Christmas is on its way…so I consider this is one perfect birthday gift!!!! Thank you Brix Fitness!!

  3. Quick question, I was 267 now 232 lost a lot of weight my football playing weight was 215 which I’m trying to get back to. i suffered a Torn pectoral in August, I’m waiting on surgery in February but I’ve been training trying not to fall off but I’m trying to still lose the man boobs any tips?

  4. you probably won't see this on account of this video being a couple of years old….and i've just discovered your channel. In a myriad of fitness and workout channels, yours stands out. For me, anyway. So…me…a classic case of "used to be fit" and now suddenly in my 50's, after raising two kids on my own and being single for 18 years..I want to get back into shape..for me. This vid has inspired me to begin what will undoubtedly be a long journey…..So, thank you for that. Will be looking at other videos on your channel to give me the drive, confidence and courage to keep going. All the best.

  5. These tips have really helped me get back in the fitness mindset. I served in the Marine Corps years ago so it was always there just dormant. Your videos inspire! Much success and Yah bless you.

  6. Best thing to develop awareness is meditation. Some techniques employ excercises that help you do that. Eventually you become able to isolate any part of your body (in your mind) and focus on just that. Your Smiling Mind is a good app, it's %100 free and also ad-free (it's non-profit but you can donate), robust and includes this type of excercises.

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