How to Build Muscle as a Teenager | Gym Mistakes & Bodybuilding Advice For Beginners

27 thoughts on “How to Build Muscle as a Teenager | Gym Mistakes & Bodybuilding Advice For Beginners

  1. I’ve been lifting for about 3 years, only recently have I been putting in big effort, weekly plan etc, but started to notice a lot of stretch marks, back, biceps etc. Is that normal? Muscle growth?

  2. I was never took my training plan seriously and i wasn't consistent with it. I gave up a lot of times and today i'm detrain for around 3 months.

    I'm 19 "almost 20" years old,
    Are my newbies gainz gone ?

  3. I’m a ten year old girl who weighs seventy pounds, I have been training for almost two years,and I almost have a six pack, I drink two to three protein shakes a day, but I only work out one day a week. What can I do to get stronger?

  4. I just turned 16 today. I have been training for seriously for 3 months now upper/lower split 4x a week. I have been eating 2800 calories everyday for these 3 months. I weigh my self every week on a saterday morning after i peed. I am gaining about 0.5 kg a week not exactly but around that. weighed around 61 kg first i am now at 67.8 kg. I am progressing in the gym first i could only bench press the bar without weight now i can do 50 kg in total. But the thing is that i dont SEE much progress, I am just afraid i am wasting my time pls help.

  5. So, is it a mistake that I am playing a muscle a day? I usually play an average of 4-6 days a week so that I can exercise every muscle, ex. Sunday biceps only Monday triceps,etc. Ps: I'm 18yo

  6. Hey Matt i‘ve a question for you. So initially i worked out 3 days a week and i did for example back on tuesday, chest on wednesday and legs on sunday. Now i switched it up and im doing all 3 muscle groups in one day, sort of like a full body workout. So im doing chest back and legs on tuesday wednesday and sunday. I dont know if its better or worse than my initial program so i wanted to ask for some advice. Hope you can help. Im currently 18 and im from a mma background if that helps in any way. Thank you bro

  7. Hypertrophy programme purchased today to help give me some structure! Lost 2 stone in about 5 months watching You, Mikey Thurston. Hopefully this bad boy puts me over the edge to where I want to be!!

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