Bruce Lee’s Training & Workouts

More info here: This video explains the awesome, unique training techniques of Bruce Lee …


37 thoughts on “Bruce Lee’s Training & Workouts

  1. Tip. On your chin up bar. Something else he done was hang from the chin-up bar and feel the stretch it your lats. Move from side to side and feel the stretch on each side of the lats. 28inch waste, 44Inch chest 9 stone 7 and body fat of 6.2%. 😎👍

  2. Well Bruce Lee was not a superhuman or something like that. He was very well trained and learned a martial art from a grand master. But his movies were not reality. In some scenes Bruce Lee even had a double. And no Bruce Lee is not unbeatable. Nobody is. Obviously Bruce Lee was a professional fighter. At least he trained like one. This means he could beat 10 or even more untrained guys but this does not mean he could beat 10 other professional fighters or that he could beat anybody or that weight does not matter. If a light weight like Bruce Lee was is hit by a heavy weight like Mike Tyson he could die instantly. There is a reason why they made different weight classes.

  3. The power of a punch comes from your toes, legs, and then abs. If you have abs but not powerful and stable legs… there’s not much power in a punch. Bruce didn’t just place emphasis on tension, but sudden tension followed by relaxation. Sudden tension, relaxation, and stretching. Tao of Jeet Kune Do. I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in Bruce Lee’s philosophy of bettering the mind and the body. Great read. All of his philosophy is so simple, yet so hard to follow.

  4. Bruce lee alive today would have changed fighting and the human body completely. He most likely by now 2019 or 2030 he would have mastered the ability to move without thinking. To fight with out fighting.. no thoughts calm as day. Just moving in and out with explosive affects. A body that reacts with out the brain communicating and taking away from the reaction time. His philosophy was strong and truthful. That’s why they got rid of him 💯

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