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Daily Simple Questions Thread – April 20, 2021
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Welcome to the /r/Fitness Daily Simple Questions Thread - Our daily thread to ask about all things fitness. Post your questions here related to your diet and nutrition or your training routine and exercises. Anyone can post a question and the community as a whole is invited and encouraged to provide an answer. # As always, be sure to [read the wiki](https://thefitness.wiki) first. Like, all of it. Rule #0 still applies in this thread. Also, there's a [handy search function](https://www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/search?&restrict_sr=on) to your right, and if you didn't know, you can also use Google to search r/Fitness by using the limiter "site:reddit.com/r/fitness" after your search topic. Other good resources to check first are [Exrx.net](http://www.exrx.net/index.html) for exercise-related topics and [Examine.com](https://examine.com/) for nutrition and supplement science. If you are posting a routine critique request, make sure you follow [the guidelines](https://www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/wiki/rules#wiki_rule_.239) for including enough detail. **(Please note: This is not a place for general small talk, chit-chat, jokes, memes, "Dear Diary" type comments, shitposting, or non-fitness questions. It is for fitness questions only, and only those that are serious.)**

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37 thoughts on “Daily Simple Questions Thread – April 20, 2021

  1. Hi 🙂 I’ve been working out almost every day for 50 minutes on average for the past 4 months. For the past 2 months I’ve really been paying attention to not getting too hungry and getting enough protein (you can’t imagine the amount of cottage cheese I’ve eaten :D).

    I believe I’m working out adequately (weights, amount of reps & sets, types of exercises, day splits…), going in hard enough, and my sleep is perfect. The only thing I consistently fuck up is maybe not eating enough.

    It almost seems like I can’t not have some real good gainz, because I’m a newbie, I’m 16, and I was pretty skinny when I started, but so far I gained roughly 2kg (4.5lb) of muscle at max.

    From what I’ve read, it seems like it’s not as much as it should/could? Can it be caused by not eating enough (and note that I’m not starving – I’m probably eating around maintenance, often a bit more rather than less)? Or am I some genetic rarity or what?

    I definitely do see visual changes and they seem pretty adequate TO ME, but the scale?

  2. Hi! Wanted to know if training a body part (say chest), then training other parts, and then going back to the first part (in this example chest) for a couple more sets has any effects.
    Does it matter in any way?

  3. Gday gday! I want to loose belly fat so I have started to do runs too, but all the sites ive been to said that i should start a diet too if I want to get the most accurate results. Will a no suger diet be enough or should I do other types of diets, would appreciate any type of feedback..

  4. I do 12Ks on the regular but stopped due to Ramadan. Would you say this has a chance of something adverse such as passing out? The summer here is pretty mild (25° C). Thanks.

  5. I did chest and tris on Sunday and they’re still completely fucked today on Wednesday, like it goes beyond DOMS into pain, what shall I do here? I’ve obviously overdone it.

  6. I have been hovering around 13-15% BF @ 74kg/163lbs for quite a while. I have dieted successfully a few times, but never went below 13% (quite visible abs, but not a defined six pack). I usually use mini cuts to cut down 1.5-2kg/3.3-4.4lbs in 2-3 more aggressive weeks if I gain a few pounds. At a realistic (?) fat loss of .5kg/1.1lbs per week, it would take about a month to cut down to 10% at my current estimated 13%. Is there anything to take into consideration? It’s quite a short diet and goes pretty low (for me at least). Would a mini cut be a possibility or just go with a 300-500kcal deficit (2800 is my maintenance) for a month and be done with it?

    For training, I usually go for power lifting style workouts, but due to the pandemic, I’m doing BW and kettle bell workouts with higher reps 3 times a week and run about 4km/2.5miles 3 times a week.

  7. Would you rather use clusters for t1 (main lift) or t3 (accessories **but still compounds to avoid metabolite buildup**)?

  8. Hi all, trying to find the name of an exercise. Basically just a dumbell shoulder press but your arms are constantly at a 90 degree angle as you raise the weights. So instead of a vertical press your arms move in a circular fashion.

  9. Are the fat/carb ratio macros in your diet that important as contributing to the fat-muscle gaining/losing ratio? If I only just track my protein intake(making sure at least 1g/lb) and the total calories for the day, so that means my fat and carb ratio is not that consistent but I will be getting consistent calories.

  10. I just joined a more weight lifting oriented gym and it’s so amazing having a gym that has those things to protect you from dying on the bench.

    How can I tell a good pin height for those things? At first I set it so that there’s a lot of room to reach my chest but I can just barely deflate enough to get out of a bench fail. The pin height of 1 more higher I can still touch my chest, but if the bar is slightly uneven when I lower it then it hits the thingies. I guess this can be a benefit since it will make me more symmetrical?

  11. I have been working out for around 8 months now mostly at home using a set of weights, and a cable machine. I pulled a muscle while swimming and had to rest for a long time -45 days and then after I healed back , I measured myself to find that my biceps had lost about an inch (15 to 14 inches). I just wanted to know if it will be easier to rebuild my lost muscle mass or if it will be as hard as the first time .

  12. Hello. I heard that doing some workouts slow is actually more difficult. But, for push-ups, squats, and lunges for example, when it comes to form, I find it more difficult to do it relatively quickly than doing it ~5 seconds/rep (I don’t hold it in the starting position). Like, my form tends to break when not doing it slow. Does that mean I’m doing something wrong?

  13. Can you guys help with my routine. Workout C is done with bodyweight exercises only (some of them are weighted with a vest). The idea is to do them Mon – Wed – Fri. Thank you
    Workout A

    1. Barbell squat – 3 x 5

    2. Pull ups – 3 x 8

    3. Barbell bench press – 3 x 8

    4. Hip thrusts – 3 x 10

    5. Dumbell rows – 3 x 8

    6. Pullover – 3 x 8

    7. Farmers carry – 3 x 50 steps


    Workout B

    1. Deadlift – 3 x 5

    2. Chin ups – 3 x 8

    3. Bar overhead press – 3 x 8

    4. Barbell lunges – 3 x 8

    5. Inclune dumbell press – 3 x 8

    6. Cable row – 3 x 8

    7. Biceps / Tricpes 3 x 8 superset


    Workout C

    1. Pull ups – 3 x 8

    2. Shrimp squat – 3 x 8

    3. Dips – 3 x 8

    4. Nordic hamstring curls – 3 x 8

    5. Inverted ring rows – 3 x 8

    6. Push ups – 3 x 8

    7. Ring ab rollouts – 3 x 8

    8. Paloff press – 3 x 8

    9. Hyperextension – 3 x 8

  14. How do I get that NFL football big look with the wide shoulder, big chest and wide waist?

  15. New to weight lifting and may seem like a stupid question… but I’m following a program. When using the bar, the app tells me, say 75lbs, is that 75 on each side or 75 total?

  16. I went from not being able to do like 5 pushups in a row to doing around 25 in a row in about two months, every night i do 5 sets, of 15,12,10,8,5 adding one to every set every week at this point im around 19-20 for the first set. Is this a good plan or should i try something else?

  17. Hey guys so I’m doing the Reddit PPL for the first time (I also just haven’t been in the gym for a while) and find myself getting extremely tired on the 8-12 rep OHPs and the lateral raise tricep supersets.

    Does it get better as I get used to training again? Or do I need to do more cardio than 2 days a week?

    Also do you do the supersets back to back with no rest for all 6 sets or is it tricep push down, lateral raise, rest 1-2 minutes, restart?

  18. Stuck at the weight that I have already lost once? What to do? Its been around a month and it’s not going any lower

  19. let’s say you lifted but didn’t get in enough protein or calories. when rebuilding muscle will you actually lose muscle and become weaker? Like when you lift you tear down muscle, and then after you lift protein synthesis happens and you gain it back bigger and stronger, but what if hypothetically you didn’t get enough protein in?

  20. I’m attempting to do keto on top of being vegetarian. I’ve been vegetarian for 6 years and just started keto last week. I’ve only managed to stay under 50g of carbs 4 out of the last 8 days. I haven’t eaten any bread but some of the vegetarian foods I’ve eaten just have a lot of carbs in them (vegetarian brats, sausage, and patties with no bun). The days I’ve been under 50g of carbs, all I ate those days was 4 eggs, an avocado, keto yogurt, and a protein shake. I’m already tired of eating so many eggs and all the keto vegetarian recipes online look super complicated and expensive to make.

    Are there any cheap/easy foods I can eat while on this diet? I’ve already lost 5lbs so I really want to stay on track and not cave in (5’9, 150lbs, F). I want to get to 135lbs eventually and stay there. I’ve been going on 30 minute walks every day and I’m trying to do some at home small weight workouts too. Any advice is welcome. Or let me know if you think vegetarian keto is too restrictive for my first real diet and maybe I should start with something else? Idk I’m just struggling here lol there’s too many eggs and google isn’t helping

  21. Should I have 1g of protein per pound if I’m trying to gain muscle mass and lose some body fat?

  22. I have a question on coming up with an intermediate PPL routine. So after some google something that I see mentioned a lot is taking the Reddit PPL for beginners routine and adding in 5/3/1 progression for the main lifts. I found a few comments that link to [this comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/comments/7hrdph/to_the_people_who_did_reddit_ppl/dqt9gkf/) by the guy who originally wrote out the Reddit PPL and explains how to make it intermediate. So I understand how the 5/3/1 fits into things, but I’m a bit confused on the second part of doing “5×10 accessory, then the rest of the day”.

    So for example, does that mean the push days would look like:
    **Push A:**
    Bench: 5/3/1
    OHP: 5×10
    Incline dumbbell: 3×8-12
    Triceps pushdowns: 3×8-12
    Overhead triceps extension: 3×8-12
    **Push B:**
    OHP: 5/3/1
    Bench: 5×10
    Incline dumbbell: 3×8-12
    Triceps pushdowns: 3×8-12
    Overhead triceps extension: 3×8-12

    Thats how I’m reading his comment, but the routine just looks weird to me.

  23. anyone can recommend foods very high in protein (no protein shakes or non-whole food). i keep seeing foods that are high in everything else BUT protein. for eg. peanut butter 5grams of protein for every 15 fat and 17 carbs…..

  24. how good is tdee calculator? because i am fairly skinny with not much muscle mass. i am trying to bulk and going off their recommendations it looks like my total calories intake should be about 2400 which is low (1900+500). is this right?


    also , how can i be sure i am putting in correctly the sedentary vs light exercise vs moderate?

    if i mostly run in the morning (1-2 miles) + do some bodyweight excercise , what does that fall into?


    lastly, do most people just fill their bodyweight protein (say 150lbs, so 150 g of protein ) and then fill the rest with carbs or fats (doesnt matter) to equal the desinated 2400 calories?

  25. Would anyone mind giving me your critique on my cable crunches? I’ve watched every YT vid under the planet and they all seem to have different recs (ie: where the cable should be in relation to your arms, having your forearms touch the ground vs your elbows going back to your hips). The only thing that seems consistent is keeping your hips at a 90 degree angle. I went with the forearms to floor form and even with 30 lbs, I didn’t feel activation in my rectus abdominis. HALLLP. Also, I’m working out in my apartment gym, so I don’t have access to any individualized ab machines (tear) [Cable Crunch](https://youtube.com/shorts/Z3q_0fn9BOU?feature=share)

  26. Hi guys, been lifting for 4 months while recomping. If just focused on eating clean and getting 1.6g/kg protein. The results have been slow but there.

    Now I wish to start bulk cut cycles and don’t know what would be the better option here. I know have a very low muscle mass so a bulk is in order but then again I have love handles and quite a bit of gut to go along with my skinny chest and arms. Can someone guide me on which route to take?

    [Bulk or Cut? – Imgur album](http://imgur.com/gallery/3VRWklv)

    Edit : The reason I’m confused is because I read an article by Andy Morgan and he said that poeple should try to get down to 12-13% bodyfat before starting to bulk. It has something to do with nutrient partitioning.

    Edit 2 : Thanks a lot for your input everyone! Going with a bulk now!

  27. Sorry for the long read

    I’m at teen just starting to make my lifting/cardio routine that I’m trying to start next week but I have some questions.

    Here’s my routine I am looking to start for reference:
    (Coolcicadas PPL)

    Push Day (shoulders/triceps/chest)
    Monday & Thursday
    -bench press: 3×5
    -overhead press: 3×5
    -incline bench press: 3×5
    -dumbbell side lateral raise: 3×10-12
    -tricep pushdowns: 3×10-12
    -overhead dumbbell extension: 3×10-12
    -shrugs: 3×10-12
    -20 Minute HIIT

    Pull Day (back/biceps)
    Tuesday & Friday
    -barbell rows: 3×5
    -lat pulldowns: 3×8-10
    -seated rows: 3×8-10
    -face pulls: 3×10-12
    -barbell bicep curls: 4×10-12
    -alternate bicep curl: 3×10-12
    -20 Minute HIIT

    Leg Day (quadriceps, hamstrings, calves)
    Wednesday & Saturday
    -squats: 4×5-6
    -leg press: 3×8-10
    -leg extensions: 3×10-12
    -hamstring curls: 3×10-12
    -standing calf raises: 5×10-12

    A)Since my current setup doesn’t allow me to do some of these workouts,I need substitutions for the overhead press,seated rows,the leg press,and leg extensions,it would help if you can help me with substitutions that would work as well

    B)I’m a 14 year old soccer player and my goals are to get stronger for my sport and for my body to look better and more built. Is this routine good for my goals in soccer and aesthetics?

    C)is doing 20 minute HIIT/Cardio 4 times a week to maintain my cardio endurance overkill?

    Thanks for the help ahead of time 🙂

  28. Anyone here who has experience eating Bulgur? Did you guys find it a great lower calorie replacement to white rice?

    I’ve been eating sweet potatoes to replace my white rice intake,and while it does its job nicely(its ok,but sadly I’m not one of the people who is super crazy about sweet potatoes. at least not the plain boiled ones I’m eating),I would certainly like an option that’s closer to the experience of eating rice. (Interestingly enough,Bulgur apparently has even more fiber than sweet potatoes at equal grams,and lower calories too)

  29. Does this look like a ok upper lower 4 day a week home only training routine? I have adjustable dumbbells that go up to 100 lbs each, a weighted vest and plenty of other fitness gear so I can continue making the exercises harder over time. My main goals are strength and fitness. I’m a novice lifter.

    Edit. Forgot to mention the progression scheme. The progression scheme for this routine is to increase weight after all sets of an exercise are done in the allowed rep range.

    Monday – Upper Body A

    3 sets of Dumbbell Bench Press (6-8 reps)

    3 sets of One Arm Dumbbell Rows (6-8 reps)

    3 sets of Incline Dumbbell Press (8-10 reps)

    3 sets of Pull Ups (8-10 reps)

    2 sets of Lateral Raises (10-15 reps)

    3 sets of Triceps Extensions (10-12 reps)

    2 sets of Hammer Curls (12-15 reps)

    3 sets of Face Pulls (10-15 reps)


    Tuesday – Lower Body A

    3 sets of Dumbbell Romanian Dead lifts (6-8 reps)

    3 sets of Reverse Lunges (10-12 reps)

    3 sets of Leg Curls (8-10 reps)

    4 sets of Standing Calf Raises (6-8 reps)

    3 sets of Ab Roller


    Wednesday – Rest


    Thursday – Upper Body B

    3 sets of Chin Ups (6-8 reps)

    3 sets of Dumbbell Shoulder Press (6-8 reps)

    3 sets of Inverted Rows (8-10 reps)

    3 sets of Flat Push Ups (8-10 reps)

    2 sets of Chest Flyes (10-15 reps)

    3 sets of Bicep Curls (10-12 reps)

    2 sets of Triceps Kickbacks (12-15 reps)

    3 sets of Face Pulls (10-15 reps)


    Friday – Lower Body B

    3 sets of Forward Lunges (6-8 reps)

    3 sets of Bulgarian Split Squats (8-10 reps)

    3 sets of Leg Curls (10-12 reps)

    4 sets of Seated Calf Raises (10-15 reps)

    3 sets of Ab Roller


    Saturday – Rest


    Sunday – Rest

  30. Can I just do RDL, or is regular deadlift needed?

    I usually just do RDL but I did regular deadlift today for the first time in a while (since its in new program) and immediately someone came over and told me how bad my form was and told me how to do correctly (props to that guy btw, he was a little strict but looking out for my health).

    It’s frustrating. Damn knees in the way

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