5 Effective Exercises for the Upper Chest

43 thoughts on “5 Effective Exercises for the Upper Chest

  1. Thanks for the great advice as I'm building my upper chest. Keep at it bro you're a beast. Anyway, you seem like a young guy wise beyond his years so (if you're not busy) can you tell me your take on what I'm using for gains while keeping definition? Creatine, protein powder, nitric oxide for vascularity, L arginine for pumps, igf-1 through deer antler velvet spray for recovery, and intermittent fasting to raise ketones for fat loss and muscle building etc. I'm also doing the intermittent fasting until 2pm-10pm (when i can eat) and lift when in fasted state. What's your take on that and is there anything you can recommend to stack on supplement wise? Thanks for the help brother! Liked and subscribed.

  2. Omar, I have a bad shoulder and I’m trying to “rehab” with lighter weights to regain mobility. BUT want to build chest, particularly upper at the same time. I love the low incline tip! I’m working out at home with a fair amount of equipment but don’t have access to a cable machine (can do one at a time with current setup.) Is there a free weight alternative?? Btw the face pull vid ROCKS and is really helping with shoulder issues.

  3. What would you advice to me if I tell you that I doubt about our incline at the gym so I started doing both incline angles. I do first 45° inclines exercise and next 30° inclines exercise. What I tremendously observed is that my upper chest responds better than in 45° well except in the barbell incline I like 45° but I rather I perform them both. I have two training routines A and B. example, this week I did 45° inclines with bar, 45° dumbells flys, so the next is 30° dumbells press….the next week would be next to the bench press I do 45° of dumbells press, 30° inclines barbells and 30° dumbells fly…AMAZING it works with me. Today I make it harder, I do ¨for example 30° of combined dumbells press and fly or like alternate 45° dumbells press and flys. I even combine the low cable crossover forming V shape for my upper chest with the dumbells pullover. Thanks, I hope you share with me your opinion

  4. I not necessarily an upper chest movement but I like dips for chest. If I could only do one chest movement that would be it. Adding in power bands makes it attainable even for people with bad shoulders or just starting out to get the volume for growth and adding weights makes it a great power move for advanced lifters

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