4 Old School Exercises For Big Arms | Muscle Garage, Episode 7

You don’t need a bunch of equipment to build big arms. Here are 4 old school exercises that you can do at home or at the gym to build big biceps and triceps.


22 thoughts on “4 Old School Exercises For Big Arms | Muscle Garage, Episode 7

  1. Excellent idea, hit the garage for power. Both car audio power and human strength power. I really enjoy how he gets down and working out in his videos but taking two things together in the garage is not just knowledgeable but keeps me smiling with his personality. James you are a great motivator with advice that gets results.

  2. Hey james, fantastic vlogs im just getting back into training again after herniating three discs 10 yrs ago and im watching your vlogs , which compared to others are far more understanding and tuitional to me , just one question after watching each vlog about training each muscle group b4 I hit the weights im getting in a mess about wether to do chest with shoulders monday legs with shoulders another and so on , whats the best muscle groups to do each day so as not to aggrivate what you did the day before , I suppose im asking about the best plan to work to and over how many days cycle etc , your help would be much appreciated , keep up the great work…….

  3. Great videos, thank you for the simple direction! I'm getting good gains by getting Bones's demonstration skills. Where do we get the mixtape? The music is so badass!! (Seriously, where's the link for the music?)

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